Redlight on Route 94

by finnianspencer

I don’t want this blog to have any kind of tone, I’m hoping to write a mixture of things which will all add up into some kind bourgeotariat mixture of writing, that should definitely be a word. So, we continue…

Location : Wire, Leeds

Who : Redlight. Route 94


What Happened…

Don’t rush your drink, Don Draper has it right. This is what I have learnt from this experience.  Giving yourself one hour to drink a bottle of your finest Morrison’s own gin and 17p lemonade will only lead for an interesting night, thinking back, it wasn’t the most GINious idea I’ve ever had. Get used to these.

Reaching this level of intoxication at this speed when you’re in an environment of people on a plethora of substances and  the grimiest of underground clubs on offer will only mean two things, you skank harder than usual and you chat copious amount shit to copious amounts of strangers. Believing a strangers story that they were back stage at the SALVA boiler room set and did a line of ket with him becomes almost to unbelievable when you realise it was filmed in Los Angeles in September of 2012, and this guy is almost definitely a first year music production student at one of the various local uni’s.

I was pretty excited for all three acts that night, even though redlights stuff is mainly played in Tiger Tiger and Oceana of late, but we live in a world where Julio Bashmore’s au serve and pretty much disclosures entire discography will be played on any dance floor in the country, and probably primary school discos we all remember attending as a child.

A point was reached where I didn’t care what DJ was on, the gin had its own signature skank, the only reason I knew I was currently laying witness to Route 94 was because a little Japanese fella kept shouting in my ear different suggestions as to who he thinks the man behind route 94’s mask is, as of course no one truly knows his true identity, it soon became apparent that the whole club had decided he was in fact the producer commonly known as Breach and if you thought otherwise you were outside the musical circle for good.