A guide to music without lyrics

by finnianspencer

No lyrics, just talent.

A collection of songs with no voice, just soul.

Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy

Complete masters, Boards Of Canada have influenced a countless amount of artists from a countless amount of genres. Every song feels like a journey, and their music videos will take you down the scenic route.  Many draw comparisons to artists like Aphex Twin, which in its own right is one of the biggest compliments a musician can receive.

Mogwai – Yes I am A long way from home

I think most Mogwai songs could be studied in an A-level English Lit class, but how is this possible when vocals are scarce for the majority of tracks? At the risk of sounding pretentious (this is a blog so I think I’m ok there…) Every sound that Mogwai makes leaks emotion that could be studied to the most acute degree. The album titled happy songs for happy people could not be any more misleading, Mogwai are a mixture of depression and hope, fitting of the world we live in.

Explosions in the sky – Postcards from 1952

One of the finest bands you will ever have the pleasure of seeing if you are lucky enough, I don’t think I would have passed my A-levels without them, with a hefty back catalogue of outrageously harmonic guitar riffs, this is the definition of background music. I like to think explosions in the sky is music for the bad times, and music for the good times.

DJ Shadow – Building steam with a grain of salt

DJ Shadow need’s no review, the man has been creating God like music for years, you just need to look at his recent boiler room to understand that there is no limit to his genius. Possibly the finest producer to ever live boasts a record collection reaching over 60,000 pieces of vinyl, take a lesson and bow.