My House Skipped a Beat

by finnianspencer

If you are tired about people banging on about futuregarage/house music, you shouldn’t be. Embrace this scene while its fresh because it’s not just a passing phase like Nu-Rave. It’s real and it’s real good.

EDM has recently become a bit of a passion of mine, I’m just one among many others who have realized this kind of music has more to offer than first meets the eye. Straying away from my past of worshiping the works of artists like The smiths, who will always be respected and rightfully so, the future is EDM and that’s a pretty bright future.  When you see these producers and DJ’s in a live setting, it’s easy to see why you love this type of music so much, it trumps any experience you’ve ever had when witnessing any other type of artist.


Ollie Macfarlane – Someone Warm

Surprisingly this was not made in 2012 and not 1992, for those fortunate enough to remember the times of illegal raves and other fun cultural ideas around at the time (unfortunately I was yet a small boy) ‘someone warm’ is a doorway to the past. His music is weirdly original in a time where many genres collide endlessly. A man who is not scared to release ‘Burial’ remixes, something that every bedroom DJ will attempt, knowing in the fact that his are distinctly better than the rest.

Ultraista – Gold Dayz (Maribou State Remix)

I once watched someone in a less that sober state hear this song at about five in the morning, telling everyone to be quiet and in about 30 seconds deemed that this was indeed the most amazing song he had ever heard in his entire life. There is something strangely magical about this remix, when most remixes don’t add much to the song they are trying to portray in a new light, this remix doesn’t just add a new light, but new life.  A little anecdote to finish, I once met the two chaps from Maribou state at Beaverworks in Leeds, I went up to these two guys and asked for a lighter, in small talk also asking if they’ll be going to see maribou state, of which they replied “we are maribou state”. To which you think, who cares.

Toyboy and Robin – To The Top

Getting ever more popular by the day, Toyboy and Robin are converting the unbelievers of house music  by the second. They have almost taken a new view on this genre, a track that seems so disjointed, upon realising it’s just a jigsaw that fits together perfectly. Only on the scene a short while they have already been remixed by the likes of TCTS and Wonky Ninja, these remixes don’t even scratch the surface of the original, proving to a lot of people that toyboy and robin really are ones to look out for this year coming.